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Amrit Jhita, Senior Business Research Associate, Criticaleye

Amrit Jhita

Senior Business Research Associate

Amrit joined Criticaleye as a Research Associate within the Business Development Team in March 2018 focusing on the Financial/Professional Services and Public Sector. In June 2019, she was promoted to Senior Business Research Associate where she continues to work with executives and their leadership teams for the businesses in these sectors, and is more involved in the relationship management of her clients and growth of over 200 sector-specific accounts. 

Amrit graduated with a Hons (BA) Economics in July 2017 from the University of Essex. During her years at university, Amrit took on a number of leadership roles, managing small groups of peers. She especially enjoyed being Project Leader for an entrepreneurial network comprising of students and staff. This initiative was the first of its kind at her university. 

Outside of work, Amrit is a photography enthusiast, loves to travel whenever she can and would love to start up her own lifestyle and advice blog in the near future.