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Kim Horsburgh, Relationship Manager, Criticaleye

Kim Horsburgh

Relationship Manager

Kim is a Relationship Manager at Criticaleye, and acts as a trusted advisor to members to help them address key critical business and personal goals and get the most from the Criticaleye community.

Kim has over 15 years' experience in guiding and advising individuals and leadership teams through business-critical change. Originally from a head-hunting and leadership-coaching background Kim has run her own businesses and supported organisations through periods of growth and restructure and leaders through key stages of their professional development. She understands the pressures and challenges facing leaders during periods of change and how to get the most from the opportunities presented to them.

She helps members draw upon the vast knowledge and experience of the Criticaleye community to test, reflect on and resolve business and career decisions. With experience working across listed, SME, Public Sector and social enterprise organisations of both small and large scale in a wide range of sectors, she understands the challenges facing businesses going through organisational change, growth and restructuring as well as those encountering cultural transformations.

At Criticaleye she works with clients from across a broad range of sectors, enabling members to benchmark and learn from peers within and outside their industry sector.  

Kim practices yoga, runs (slowly) and loves visiting museums and galleries.