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5 Lessons on Resilience for Thriving Businesses

Success has the habit of breeding complacency, which can put an end to a business’s run of good performance. In this article Emma Riddell speaks to senior business leaders to find out what can be done to ensure executives stay focused. 

Key points include:
  • Be alert to seismic changes, such as making an acquisition, and be aware of the risks and rewards they bring.
  • Decision-making structures that allow you to act with agility are useful in the good times but will become critical should problems arise.
  • A healthy business can learn a lot from adopting the discipline of turn around style cashflow forecasts, and then using them to drive operational decision making.
  • A chief executive needs the ability to stay objective when evaluating the leadership team.
  • Organisations should look to their risk registers to help them identify where any “unexpected avalanches” may come from.

Roger Bayly, Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal
James Boot, Senior Relationship Manager, Criticaleye
Beth Butterwick, CEO, Karen Millen
Nigel Howell, CEO, FirstPort
Roger McDowell, Chairman, Avingtrans
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Emma Carroll
Managing Editor

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