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The Art of Agile Working

Faster and more effective cross-team collaboration remains a top priority for leadership teams. Emma Carroll finds out whether ‘agile’ really does provide the right framework to make it happen.

Featuring Commentary From: 

Sam Bunting, Global Head of Agile, PA Consulting Group

“In an agile 
business, you switch the primary 
organisational unit from vertical to 

Michael Farry, former VP, People, Gusto

“It’s moving away 
from being structured by functions to 
organising around the customer"

“People working in an agile environment need resilience as, if there’s limited resource, they’ll often be working on multiple projects at the same time"

Mark Whitby, Board Mentor, Criticaleye

"It’s easy to 
underestimate the number of times 
you need to recommunicate what 
you’re trying to do, and the outcomes 
you’re seeking"

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Emma Carroll
Senior Editor

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