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Responsive Customer Service in Times of Change

COVID-19 has forced brands to move at unprecedented speed to ensure quality service for their customers while caring for their employees with compassion.

To respond to the evolving circumstances of the crisis, Accenture recommends contact centres address three critical areas:

  • Contact centres and remote access as an adoption of new ways of working: Rapidly set up the infrastructure, management systems and processes required to support an effective remote workforce
  • Data, workflow and analytics to improve contant centre management: Harness data and analytics to inform an agile, responsive and relevant approach to addressing customer needs and support. Reprioritise and sequence customer support so that the most critical needs are addressed first,with non-critical contacts deflected to digital.
  • Virtual agents to augment and automate service: Stand up or enhance virtual agent capabilities to support COVID-19 specific requests or growing BAU volume.

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