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Technology Vision 2022: Executive Summary

New developments in technology enable businesses to better build and shape the world of tomorrow. In this report, Criticaleye’s Global Sustainability Forum 2022 Partner, Accenture, explores the future business landscape and explains how the ‘metaverse continuum’ will play a vital role in its transformation.
Key takeaways include:
  • A huge 98 percent of executives believe that the continuous development in technology informs their organisation’s long-term strategy more reliably than economic, political or social trends.
  • While the pandemic continues to disrupt some businesses and their operations, 86 percent report that their organisations have adapted to this disruption and have found their new normal.
  • Companies that invested in technology and implemented digital strategies to navigate the pandemic outperformed their competition by 4 to 5x over the last year. Accenture calls these companies, ‘leapfroggers’.

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