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Listen here to our recently released podcasts and visit our Podcast Playlist on Youtube to view clips of the podcasts. Don’t miss the release of new Criticaleye podcasts by following us on our Podbean channel.

Leadership in Uncertain Times - Episode 3

Following our recent virtual CEO Retreat (held on 15 October 2020), Criticaleye’s CEO, Matthew Blagg, and its Director of Content, Marc Barber, reflect in this 26-minute podcast on some key outtakes

  • 65% of CEOs at our CEO Retreat revealed they had doubted their ability to lead in the last six months
  • Making difficult calls as a CEO, and how the pandemic has forced all leaders to be flexible on strategy
  • The importance for leaders to stay calm and to give themselves time
  • Views on the economy in Asia and if we are seeing a return to normal activity levels
Matthew comments “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want, and there are a lot of leaders getting a lot of experience at the moment.” 

Leadership in Uncertain Times - Episode 2

In this 38-minute podcast, Criticaleye’s CEO, Matthew Blagg, and Director of Content, Marc Barber, discuss the state of leadership in the current environment, the forward agenda for CEOs and senior executives and where they need to be focusing in the coming months.

Listen to Matthew and Marc talk about 

  • Significant operating model change
  • The future of the office – reintegrating furloughed employees
  • Understanding the customer experience and how this has changed
  • Management team performance and effectiveness
  • Cost cutting – striking a balance between reduced cost and long-term opportunity
  • The challenge between economic pressures and continued pressure of Covid19 on health

Leadership in Uncertain Times - Episode 1

In this 37-minute podcast, we'll be hearing from Criticaleye's CEO, Matthew Blagg, about how senior leadership teams are responding to the events of 2020 and planning for the future. 

Drawing on our latest CEO Research 2020, Matthew talks about 

  • Understanding the short vs long-term impact of the pandemic 
  • 58% of CEOs feel isolated in their role
  • How Boards can support CEOs
  • Why CEOs need to keep calm and think big
  • The importance of downtime for senior execs this summer 
Watch a short clip of this podcast with Matthew here.

CEO Retreat Research 2018: Part 1 - How to Navigate Disruption

In this 20-minute podcast, we consider some of the key findings from our research conducted at Criticaleye’s 2018 CEO Retreat.

Criticaleye Host: Matthew Blagg, CEO

Guest: Neil Griffiths, NED at City Pub Company, StarStock and Criticaleye Board Mentor 

Listen to Matthew and Neil discuss business model disruption, strategic thinking in the top team, and how to evaluate leadership capability.