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Barbara Harvey

Managing Director - Accenture Research and UK Mental Health Sponsor


At Accenture, where she has been since 1997, Barbara built and grew a research team (of 200) that now advises the business on the world our clients operate in and on the companies they work and want to work with. Around 20 per cent of our research is done directly for and with their clients, providing a view on how technology and digital is impacting business and creating opportunities for growth.

She has worked in many industry sectors from the civil service, through not-for-profit organisations to her current role at Accenture; one of the world's leading technology and consulting firms. Over the past years she has broadened her reach beyond research, leading one of our UK communities for a number of years and sponsoring our inclusion & diversity programmes.

This year she took on the new role of Executive Sponsor for Mental Health for Accenture UK. In this role she strives to bring mental health issues into the open so that employees feel able to discuss any problems they have and get the help they need. She leads a ground-breaking network of around 300 Mental Health Allies - trained ambassadors who evangelise our work and can direct individual to wide range of advice and support services.

As one of Accenture's "Straight Allies"? she helps foster a culture where colleagues who are LGBT can thrive. She also sponsors Accenture's work with Career Academies UK, helping young people from less advantaged backgrounds to raise their aspirations and improve their employment chances. In both these capacities she enjoys working with her clients to build and share best practice.