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Reconnecting with the Customer

Almost every organisation reaches a point where there is a disconnect between what they provide and what their customers want. It’s up to the CEO to solve that problem by driving changes that get the training and internal structures right so that products and services are delivered in a way that makes sense for those who are buying them. (read more)

Blazing a Trail for Fast Growth 

Fast growth is still very much on the agenda for many CEOs. Whether through acquisitions, innovation or partnerships, senior leaders with great businesses remain hungry to expand and grow market share. (read more)

A New Frontier for Performance 

In today's interconnected world, creating a genuinely global leadership team is becoming increasingly integral for businesses with a broad outlook and ambitions to expand into new geographies and emerging markets. (read more)

Culture in a Time of Disruption

Business resilience continues to be a huge area of focus for Boards and senior leadership teams. In many organisations, there is a pressing need to reduce cost and to deliver products or services faster. It often falls to the Human Resources Director to navigate the organisational design and cultural challenges this creates. (read more)