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Beyond the Buzzwords of Leadership

The most effective leaders are the ones that build teams around them that are both adaptable and comfortable with making decisions at pace. Creating this isn’t easy, which is why 87 percent of attendees at Criticaleye’s recent Asia Leadership Forum acknowledged that their top teams need to be more agile. (read more)

Putting ESG at the Heart of your Strategy

In Criticaleye’s recent Research, Chairs and NEDs said ESG is now their top priority. Businesses that fail to place it at the heart of their Board agenda will increasingly find themselves out of step with their stakeholders and at a serious competitive disadvantage. (read more)

Busting the Myths of Fast Growth

To drive a step change in performance, leaders must work out what the weaknesses in their business are, while keeping a lookout for emerging opportunities. Success will come from building a focused strategy for change and working hard to deliver it, rather than waiting for entrepreneurial magic to strike. (read more)

New Models of Performance

The Human Resources Director has a crucial role to play in supporting CEOs and senior executives as they make tough calls over the coming 12 months. It’s evident that the pressure on performance is going to increase and there remains a huge amount of uncertainty around models of working within organisations. (read more)