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Navigating the Impact of COVID-19 – Part Two

Last week, business leaders told us how they were acting to prioritise the changing needs of their people and customers in the midst of coronavirus. Now, we explore how creativity, compassion and having a detailed plan for the next three months will also be integral to how organisations respond. (read more)

Navigating the Impact of COVID-19 – Part One

With supply chains stretched to breaking point and workforces displaced, business leaders are under intense pressure. If they are to steer their organisations successfully through the storm, they must keep their people safe, quickly get to grips with the new needs of customers and even consider cutting their own pay. (read more)

Sustainability in Uncertain Times

While businesses are struggling to respond to the existential threat of COVID-19, longer-term challenges such as sustainability may temporarily take a back seat. However, any short-term actions taken by organisations must still remain true to their purpose and values. (read more)

Creating a Structure to Embrace Change

The right organisational design is something of a holy grail. With it, your people are empowered to deliver seamless service to customers, in a cost-effective way, with perfect visibility and governance. Back in the real world, multiple layers and complex structures block strategic delivery. (read more)