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Riding a Second Wave of Integration

While there can be some quick cost savings to be made by removing duplication, realising the full value of an acquisition can take time. Many don’t get there. To really claim success, you need to integrate wisely: preserving what works, understanding what doesn’t and challenging yourself to over-deliver. (read more)

4 Traits of a Successful Leader

The true test of leadership in business is how CEOs and senior executives deal with pressure situations. When faced with delivering complex transformation, responding to business model disruption or some black swan event, do they have the ability to stay calm and communicate in a way which galvanises different stakeholders? (read more)

Empowerment and Trust as a Regional Leader

Successful global businesses need to make the most of the functional expertise they have at their centre while empowering those with local knowledge to act with agility. A matrix structure is frequently the go-to solution, but without clear accountability and transparency things soon fall apart. (read more)

Multi-Speed Thinking in the Boardroom

The race to build scale and market share has resulted in many companies diluting their brand, losing their sense of purpose and increasing their exposure to risk. It’s one of the reasons why numerous Boards are considering divestments and demergers, as they’ve realised they need greater strategic clarity. (read more)