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Max Oliphant

Relationship Management Intern

Max is currently a student at the Freeman College of Management at Bucknell University in the United States, studying Accounting and Financial Management and aiming to graduate in June 2021. 


Before attending Bucknell, Max interned for the St. James Group, a sports, health and wellness start-up aiming to build high-quality sports facilities in highly populated areas. Max served as a researcher and recruiter for the many coaches and trainers the St. James Group would use to staff its facilities.  


During his freshman year at Bucknell, Max served as the Event Manager for a student-formed company and planned different events for residents in a local senior living community, using the proceeds from the product they sold the month before. Max's organizational skills were key in ensuring the success of these events, as there were many moving parts in terms of residents, students helping with setup, and supplies.


Outside of work, Max enjoys playing squash, football, golf, and many other sports. Aside from sports, Max likes to binge-watch movies and television shows, and above all else, spend time with his friends.