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Getting access to senior executives and decision makers is crucial for professional services companies. How do you position your brand in the C-suite and showcase your expertise?

Criticaleye’s Advisory Partners, a collective term that we use to describe our Programme, Retreat and Forum Partners as well as our Advisory Members, are an invaluable source of expertise within Criticaleye. They actively participate in all aspects of our Community, complementing the experience of our Executive and Non-executive Members with deep seated technical knowledge. In return, they receive access to C-suite executives and leaders and a unique opportunity to forge relationships with decision makers in an open and trusted environment.

Criticaleye plays a key role as intermediary between our Advisory Partners and the Community, ensuring Partners are showcasing their knowledge in a way that delivers maximum value.

Partners have opportunities to contribute to roundtable discussions, pop-up boards, our regular communications with Members and connect directly with relevant individuals where there is a mutual benefit. In these discussions and interactions, Criticaleye Advisory Partners fill the ‘gap at the table’ where experience stops and there’s a need for technical expertise.

How can we get even closer to senior decision makers?
How can we address the most pressing issues faced by senior executives?
How can we raise our profile as thought leaders?
How can we benchmark our own strategies in a safe and open environment?
How can we expose our rising stars to senior executives as part of their development?

"Criticaleye has built a Community of close collaborators and has deep respect from the individuals who engage with them. We believe that fits with what we are trying to aspire to with Accenture and what we bring to our clients."

Peter Lacy, Chief Responsibility Officer & Global Management Committee Member, Accenture