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Your ability to influence and positively impact your team, board, organisation and the wider business world is inherently linked to how skilfully you blend your individual and team development with the strategic direction of your organisation.

Our mix of Pop-up Boards, Peer to Peer Connections and Criticaleye Retreats are there to support you on that journey.

Better outcomes can be reached through better scrutiny. To succeed, sometimes you need an external sounding board and a safe space to stress-test your strategy. Read More


We accelerate your impact and strategic alignment by connecting you with the right person at precisely the right time. We make a peer to peer connection addressing specific challenges or questions from Members every day to inspire change. Read More


These events are entirely focused on aligning and improving the collective capabilities of the CEO and their executive team, based on some of the barriers identified by the Programme Director. Read More


Our annual Retreats bring together a powerful group of attendees and global experts with just the right mix of paneled debate and peer to peer meetings. Read More