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Mark Silver

Board Mentor


Mark has a wealth of board experience at both CEO and CFO levels in competitive markets with both PE-backed and listed companies. Now in his portfolio career, Mark is Chair of Cordic Ltd, a leading fleet management SaaS provider to UK taxi, private hire and courier service sectors. Cordic has recently received investment from Oakfield Capital Partners. Mark is also a Board Advisor to Dashboard Ltd, a business at the forefront of industrial process and infrastructure monitoring, capitalising on the IoT (Internet of Things) revolution. 

Mark is the former CEO and Chairman of VPS Group, the international protection and management services provider for vacant properties. He joined the business in 2011 as CEO, stepping up to Chairman during 2016. Mark is the also former Non-executive Director for MCS Inc in the US, a former division of VPS prior to its separation in 2014, when private equity investor PAI Partners bought out the European division, which was subsequently sold to American Securities in 2017.
Prior to VPS, he was CEO and founder of Inspicio (now known as ESG - Environmental Scientifics Group), which he grew through a combination of organic growth and multiple acquisitions to 8,500 employees operating in 130 countries. Before founding Inspicio, Mark was CEO of the European IT security group Articon Integralis, having joined as CFO. During his time there he turned the business around and led its recovery by restructuring and reorienting it away from product sales towards higher value services.