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Heledd Winfield-Straker

Innovation Specialist

PA Consulting

Heledd is an Innovation Specialist in PA Consulting's People and Talent service line. She combines design thinking and psychology methodologies to help organisations future-proof their workforce in the Second Machine Age. She develops provocative thought leadership, and builds creative products and services that transform businesses by empowering the people within them.
She has a personal interest in how we can predict the future of work by observing how our children interact with technology and the rest of the world. She feels organisations can use what they learn to leverage both augmenting (IoT, wearables) and automating (AI, robotics) technologies to build a Second Machine Age workforce that benefits employees, shareholders and customers alike.
She has an MSc in Organisational Psychology from Birkbeck, and an MSc in International Management and a BA in the History of Art & Architecture, both from the University of Reading.