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Titus Wouda-Kuipers

CEO and Board Advisor

Wouda Kuipers Ventures GmbH

Titus is advisor to the board of an Austrian family office and PE house and consults with businesses on strategy, especially in the area of transformation and growth. Over the past 10 years, Titus has been an active Board Member, gaining Non-Executive experience in consultancy firms (M&A and purchasing) and a Consumer Packaged Goods firm. He is a seasoned senior executive, that has worked globally. Titus has held FTSE 30 executive committee posts and has over 20 years of experience in the sales & marketing of consumer goods, manufacturing and start-up/scale-up emerging businesses. Strategic oversight, performance management, stakeholders’ engagement and corporate governance, especially in the context of regulation compliance, are his areas of expertise.

Titus was CEO of Fontem Ventures, a fast-growth, consumer goods business set-up as a subsidiary of Imperial Brands Plc with the objective to turnaround the traditional business into a new era. Titus oversaw an exponential revenue growth for this businesses via operational re-organistion, innovation, growth by acquisitions and extending their market footprint.

Prior to this, as Global Operations Director for Imperial Brands Plc, Titus was responsible for restructuring the global footprint of 47 manufacturing sites around the world and a total of 17,000 employees. He held the P&L responsibility for the largest EBITDA region of Imperial (Europe, Australasia, Caucasus) and has extensive experience in leading teams, change processes, M&A, lean management, innovation and product development.

Titus lives in Hamburg, Germany but travels to London frequently. He holds an MBA from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.