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Moira Clark, Professor of Strategic Marketing, Henley Business School

Moira Clark

Professor of Strategic Marketing

Henley Business School

Moira is Professor of Strategic Marketing at Henley Business School as well as Director of the Enterprise & Applied Research Centres which include: The Henley Centre for Customer Management, The Knowledge Management Forum, The John Madejski Centre for Reputation and Relationships, and The Henley Centre for Sustainable Enterprise. She also serves as a consultant to a number of leading UK and European companies.

Her major area of research and consulting is in Customer Management, Customer Retention and Internal Marketing. She has worked extensively in the area of culture and climate, its impact on retention and loyalty and the critical linkages between employee behaviour and customer retention. She has published widely on this subject and is co-author of Relationship Marketing for Competitive Advantage, Winning and Keeping Customers and Relationship Marketing: Strategy and Implementation.

Moira is also a judge for the prestigious UK Customer Experience Awards. Her book Business Success through Service Excellence examines the crucial factors needed to achieve and maintain service excellence. She is a frequent keynote speaker at many public and in- company seminars and conferences around the world.

Moira joined Henley in 2005 from Cranfield School of Management. Prior to joining academia, she was an international marketing consultant based in Munich where she was involved with a wide range of sectors including service industries, consumer and industrial goods manufacturers. She has also worked as a marketing director for an international health food manufacturer and as a marketing manager for the toiletries subsidiary of Dunhill International.

Areas of Interest

- Customer Management
- Customer Retention
- Internal Marketing
- Social Media