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Why Boards Need to Show Respect

Trust and confidence in a business takes years to build and can be squandered in seconds. That’s nothing new. What’s changed is that board members need to work harder to maintain trust than they have before. They have to show they respect their customers and stakeholders and are able to communicate with both transparency and authenticity. Silence and aloofness will just leave a business vulnerable to attack. [read more]

Own Goals in Cross-Border M&A

The acquisition of a foreign company figures highly on the agenda of many executive teams as the quest continues for new markets and improved economies of scale. Such transactions pose a considerable amount of risk and that's why management must ensure the strategy is sound and the legal and cultural differences are understood, so a clear plan for integration is in place once a deal has been signed. [read more]

Three Golden Rules for Aspiring NEDs

Those executives who have gone on to build solid portfolio careers for themselves consistently cite the need to network feverishly, a willingness to learn and the ability to master their own ego. These three pillars are essential for success, especially as the weight of expectation and the competition for roles have increased considerably in recent years. [read more]

Can Banks Win Back Trust?

The banking industry faces a huge task ahead if it is to restore trust and credibility. While it's understandable that much anger and suspicion is directed towards ‘bankers’ for their role in the financial crisis, it has always been too simplistic to blame this group entirely for what happened. It’s time to move on, not least because a strong banking system is in everyone’s interests if the economic recovery is to gain momentum. [read more]

Essential Skills for 21st Century CEOs

The scrutiny placed on modern business leaders is greater than ever before. The sheer speed at which decisions must be made and strategies enacted across an organisation, coupled with employees, customers and shareholders expecting ever more communication, means today’s CEOs must hone the skills needed to thrive in such a fast-paced business environment. [read more]

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