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High Performing Board Series: Appraisals - 24 February 2010

For the next three weeks, Criticaleye will be exploring different elements of board structure. In our High Performing Board Series, we will be looking at three key areas: board diversity; aligning board composition to a changing strategy and board appraisals. Boards are the anchor of the business strategically and ethically. Getting the right board can be difficult yet it is the key to drive business forward. This week we are exploring board appraisals – their importance and who should be tasked with appraising them. (read more)

Strategy Alignment 2010 - 17 February 2010

A good business strategy is essential to drive a business forward. The organisations that have survived the past 18 months, have come out battered and are now, or should be, examining their strategies to take on the next stage. (read more)

Globalisation Series - 10 February 2010

Criticaleye, in association with Accenture, developed a series of films interviewing business leaders about their approach to the multi-polar world – a world where wealth and power is more evenly distributed between developed and developing countries with the global economic dominance of the United States, Europe and Japan waning. (read more)

Mindset of the CEO - 3 February 2010

The adage ‘it is lonely at the top’, although often overused, proves too true for many business leaders. Once at the top few people truly can be used as a sounding board. Being appointed CEO means taking on the public persona of the organisation and, as we have seen recently, becoming the public whipping boy when things go wrong. All this comes with immense pressure. (read more)