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Innovation - Tips from the Top

Talent certainly helps when it comes to driving innovative thinking, but the real art is in harnessing the skills you have within a business so that people feel empowered to come up with new ideas and aren’t afraid to fail. Fundamentally, an organisation has to possess a sense of direction and purpose that is communicated clearly from the top. (read more)

Learning to Lead in Asia

For those executives who are embarking on a senior leadership role in Asia, it’s time to pay closer attention to culture, relationships and personal networks. Without addressing those elements, a person may easily and unnecessarily become cast adrift and feel disempowered in a highly confusing environment. (read more)

The Changing Consumer

The relentless march of technology and new communication channels means that the consumer has more power than ever before. For boards, it’s a case of being brave in deciding on a strategy which delivers a clear message on how the business is going to stay the pace as expectations and buying patterns constantly evolve. (read more)

How to Make Your Business Obsolete

A toxic combination of weak non-executive directors and steadfast denial on the part of the CEO invariably means a business won’t react in time to new market dynamics. This remains a big problem as seemingly bullet-proof brands continue to be usurped by innovative rivals – so how do you prevent the rot of complacency setting into your business? (read more)