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5 Steps to the Perfect Exit

Two types of private equity-backed exit have occurred in recent times. The first entailed executives being ejected from a company with the explicit understanding that they ‘never darken these doors again’, while the other was of the more traditional variety involving a lucrative sale. Thankfully it’s the latter that is now the focus for many PE firms and their portfolio companies. (read more)

Is the Feel-Good Factor Back for Boards?

Reading tea leaves may prove more useful than relying on official measurements of how the economy is faring. There’s staggering national debt, real fear of inflation and overwhelming frustration at the short-termism of politicians, but this needs to be counterbalanced by the fact that, from a business perspective, confidence is picking-up in the boardroom today and it can’t all be due to a new royal baby. (read more)

Why Mentors Help Leaders Grow

To keep improving as a leader you need to find the time to pause and reflect on how you’re making decisions and what you might do differently. That’s where a mentor comes in; a good one will know when to speak, when to listen and be able to share their views based on years of experience in a way that is free of any hidden agenda or bias. (read more)

The Great Retail Migration

The exam question for traditional retailers is: ‘How do you devise an integrated model that reinvents the customer relationship without destroying the existing one?’ A polite answer might go along the lines of ‘painfully’, as the transition to multichannel requires heavy investment, an unsentimental approach to change and a way of interacting with customers that continues to be swathed in unknowns. (read more)

Supercharge Your Sales Force

It’s a brave move to tamper with your sales strategy. Not only do you risk key sales people walking out of the door, there is also the matter of getting buy-in from HQ. The risks are numerous, but sales teams need to be smarter in how they work and that’s why many leading organisations have made changes in order to regain customer focus and improve operational effectiveness. (read more)