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We understand our Members are very time poor, which is why we offer a range of different ways for senior executives to interact with Criticaleye.

28 Jan 2020

NED CV Clinic

30 Jan 2020

Conference Call: The Workforce of the Future

05 Feb 2020

Criticaleye Asia Discussion Group, Singapore: Playing to Win in China

05 Feb 2020

Aspiring Group CEO Masterclass

06 Feb 2020

Conference Call: Building a Structure for Better Decision-Making

06 Feb 2020

Criticaleye Member Dinner

11 Feb 2020

NED Masterclass Dinner Series: Rebuilding Alignment in the Boardroom

12 Feb 2020

CFO Series Dinner: How to Lead Workforce Transformation

13 Feb 2020

Conference Call: Improving Business Performance through Sustainability

13 Feb 2020

Growth Company Dinner: How to be an Effective Plc and PE Chair