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As a Criticaleye Executive Member, you will tap into a global pool of leadership and industry expertise.

We offer a broad range of experiential learning opportunities, all designed to critique, support and validate your strategic and personal decisions, as well broaden your knowledge by engaging with leaders from outside your immediate team, organisation and industry.

Guided by your own personal Relationship Manager, you’ll have access to specialists and seasoned executives within our Community. Criticaleye Pop-up Boards, Board Mentors and Peer to Peer Connections utilise the collective power and experience we offer, connecting you with individuals who have faced challenges and opportunities similar to those you might be experiencing.

Criticaleye's range of touchpoints with the Community are highly tailored to make sure you get the maximum output. Whether you join a Conference Call, or attend an Executive Breakfast, Discussion Group or one of our Retreats – every part of Criticaleye is highly bespoke, personal and specific to you.

Do I have the right support and development framework in place so I can have maximum impact?
If constructive challenge and debate are key to high performing leaders and teams, where does this challenge come from?
How can I tap into the collective experience and expertise of other leaders to support my development?

"In light of the current climate, the need for leaders to collaborate and benchmark ideas has never been more important. Criticaleye provides an environment where leaders can be open and discuss strategies with peers; we need this so we can be better prepared for the significant changes and challenges we face."

Tom Taylor, Chair, Consumer Council for Water in Wales