How CIOs can Optimise their Organisations

Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation provide the Chief Information Officer (CIO) with both new opportunities and greater demands, finds this report by PA Consulting.

Key points for CIOs to consider include:
  • A reappraisal of data: In order to benefit from AI and supervised machine learning you need to ensure access to high-quality, structured data.
  • Understand the demands of AI: Particularly in terms of infrastructure, data models and knowledge management.
  • Skills required will be very different in the future: CIOs will need to assess the mix of skills among employees and, where necessary, upskill through training or acquire what is missing from elsewhere.
  • There will be changes in how capabilities are sourced in the automated futureThe decision of whether to build, buy, borrow, or share applies to both human and technology capabilities.
  • Your customers don’t want to get involved in AI training: Customers should not be used as guinea pigs and customer-facing AI must be tested to ensure that it meets baseline capability requirements.

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