Episode 6 of our "Leadership with New Horizons" Podcast Series

Offering an outlook for leadership in 2021, this podcast is part of our Leadership with New Horizons series. Featuring Criticaleye’s CEO, Matthew Blagg, and Director of Content, Marc Barber, it covers some of the key outtakes from our recent CEO Retreat, including:
  • Topics raised during our flagship event, including Board dynamics, customer focus, agility and purpose
  • Where the CEO and top team need to align in 2021, including hybrid working, the pace of decision-making and future strategic direction
  • What the return of greater travel and movement for executives will mean for leadership energy and motivation
  • Shifting mindsets of leaders from internal to external, and why CEOs need to be externally focused more than ever
  • The learning process for first-time CEOs and how most Boards are now exerting greater pressure on leadership teams

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