CEO Research Results 2022

This research, conducted at our CEO Retreat, provides a fascinating insight into the challenges senior leaders are facing, such as leadership isolation, senior alignment on sustainability and planning for the future.

Key findings from Criticaleye's CEO Research:
  • 77% of CEOs feel isolated in their role
  • 22% of CEOs say Boards are not supporting the SLT (compared to 3% in previous survey)
  • 39% say that customer engagement is the biggest change they are facing
  • Only 31% of senior teams are fully aligned on the sustainability strategy
  • 87% say more time should be spent on long-term planning    
  • Just over a third of respondents do not have a succession plan in place for the SLT 
Don't miss this Criticaleye podcast, our CEO Matthew Blagg and Director of Content Marc Barber cover the business and leadership landscape, including opportunities for leadership teams, long vs. short-term thinking and the shift to global leadership. Click the link to download and listen in.

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