CFO Research Results 2024

This research, conducted at our CFO Retreat, subtitled New Models for Growth, provides a fascinating insight into the challenges and priorities for CFOs this year.

Key findings from Criticaleye's CFO Research: 
  • New technology and AI are a top priority for CFOs 
  • Most CFOs (80%) say it has become increasingly difficult to gain strategic alignment, over the past twelve months.  
  • Half of CFOs say they need to improve the quality of strategic debate within their Boards 
  • 60% of CFOs say their investors and shareholders are not prepared to back business model reinvention  
  • Over half of CFOs (52%) say pressure from investors and shareholders is preventing longer-term thinking
Don't miss this episode of our Inspiring Leaders Podcast, hosted by our very own Director of Content Marc Barber, we were pleased to invite Priya Chowdhary, former CFO Europe, Encyclis and Ed Jones, Non-executive Director, NOW: Pensions onto this episode to discuss the CFO’s role in managing risk and sustainability.

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