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The Standard Listing - Sub-standard or a greater AIM?

What are the best routes to the equity capital markets in the UK? The Main Market’s new two-tier system offers the option of a Premium or Standard listing – the latter is subject only to the minimum EU requirements. But with the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) already seen as a less stringent route to a UK listing, what does the Standard listing offer that AIM doesn’t? In this article, Criticaleye asks Neil Matthews, Head of Equity Capital Markets at Eversheds, and Marcus Stuttard, Head of AIM at the London Stock Exchange, why a UK issuer may or may not consider a Standard listing as a viable option.

With contribution from: Kelvin Harrison, Paul Clarke, David Flin and Mario Levis.


Marcus Stuttard
Head of AIM and UK Primary Markets
London Stock Exchange
Neil Matthews
Partner - Corporate Finance
Field Fisher Waterhouse

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