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Reviewing Your Top Team as a New CEO

A new CEO will often enter a business with a 100-day plan, and this will include reviewing their top team. In this article Rob Walker, CEO of BIE Executive, offers advice on how to go about this. Emma Riddell asks the questions.

Key points include:
  • A new CEO needs to look at the roles and responsibilities of each individual on the top team, how they fit together, and whether they’ve got the right people in place to deliver.
  • The axis between the CEO and CFO is hugely important, and if it is not functioning in the right way then it needs to change.
  • The HRD can give a lot of guidance when looking to assess the capabilities of the senior leadership team.
  • CEOs need to be careful about making changes too quickly. Knee-jerk reactions are always dangerous when you don’t know the business.

Rob Walker, CEO, BIE Executive
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Emma Carroll
Managing Editor

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