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The X Factor: Competitive Agility

According to this report from Accenture, about half of executives say that they lack the
analytical insights to make more informed decisions on which costs to optimise. The report 
goes on to suggest ways to measure a company’s ability to simultaneously deliver on growth, profitability,
sustainability and trust.

Key points include:
  • Just like a crash diet, most cost-optimization initiatives don’t last. Only 36 percent of companies surveyed agreed that their business sustains the benefit of such programmes.
  • Traditional measurement techniques are backward-looking and don’t capture the full value of most companies.
  • Instead of feeling like a “cog in the wheel” of the corporate machine, employees
    gain empowerment, and understand they are steering the destiny of company results and their own financial renumeration. 
  • The ability to pivot to new market demands is a prerequisite and a zero-based mindset is a must-have.

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