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CFOs: Elevate Your Enterprise

The CFO’s newest mandate – to help steer the strategic direction of the enterprise and do so iteratively – requires changes to their finance organisations.

This report by IBM explores what CFOs need to prioritise to do this effectively and why so many are falling short of what’s required.

Key Findings Include: 

- 63 percent of all surveyed organisations expect to expand their partner networks in the next few years

- Just 6 percent of CFO respondents say their enterprises have a platform model established in the market. Yet 36 percent state their enterprises are building or considering a platform business model

- Within finance and operations, the top three drivers CFOs looked for are: reducing cost (60 percent), improving working capital (52 percent) and increasing the speed and agility of the enterprise (49 percent)

- Just 20 percent consider whether the technology will enhance collaboration with customers and partners 

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