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Learning to Fail-Fast

Innovation is a top priority for CEOs, but how do you set about it in a way that’s cost effective, fast, and delivers results? Emma Carroll speaks to a mix of senior leaders to find out 

Featuring Commentary From: 

Diana Barea, MD, Talent and Organisation, Accenture

"The people who are taking part are critically important; they must be the top talent”

Paul Brennan, Chair, OnApp

"Things don’t always work first time, so you’re giving yourself the opportunity to iterate and get it right in the future”

Julian Goldsmith, Senior Relationship Manager, Criticaleye

"What’s certain is that no organisation sets out with failure in mind. It’s more about asking questions and trying something new"

Raman Sankaran, Former Chief Commercial Officer, Growth and Innovation, Simplyhealth

"The scale-up part of the fail-fast process will only be successful if its foundations have been put in place during the earlier test-and-learn cycles and have answered some of the fundamental questions around success" 

James Welsh, Group Finance and Operations Director, dmg Media

“The great thing about digital is that it’s very easy to test things: you can trial initiatives on one channel of
your website, or on one subset of your population, and then see the results quickly"

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