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Creating Value for Stakeholders

Chairs, NEDs and CEOs increasingly realise that a company has to be about more than maximising profits. Criticaleye looks at how a Board can set an agenda which appeals to multiple stakeholders 

Featuring Commentary From: 

Hywel Ball, Managing Partner, Assurance, EY UK&I

"When you look at your business model, you must ask yourself whether you truly understand what’s
creating value" 

Sarah Bates, Chair, Polar Capital Technology Trust

“It’s being independent, but listening very carefully and trusting your judgement and common sense"

Tom Beedham, Director, Programme Management, Criticaleye

“Openness between the executive and non-executive directors is of paramount importance if a Board is to
be successful" 

Sir Win Bischoff, Chair, FRC

"Ultimately businesses are not brought down by their auditors; they are brought down by management
and Boards not being on top of things"

Guy Foster, Head of Research, Brewin Dolphin 

“In my mind, a lot of the reforms to corporate governance that we are seeing are about how you get a group of broader stakeholders onside as a company seeks profit maximisation”

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