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Bringing Purpose to Life

When considering the overarching strategy of a business, Boards and senior execs have to be thinking about more than shareholder return. Criticaleye speaks to business leaders to understand how they are taking a broader view.

Featuring Commentary From:

Rachel Barton, Managing Director – Customer Insight & Growth Strategy, UK, Europe and Latin America Lead, Accenture Strategy
"From a consumer point of view, purpose is becoming increasingly important in the factors they consider when choosing a brand."

Amelia Harvey, Co-founder, The Collective UK
"If you have a strong purpose and idea of why you exist as a business, it should continue to guide the strategy irrespective of performance."

Peter Horrocks, Chair, South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership
“If performance dips and there is a risk of jettisoning the purpose, it is probably an indication of a poor strategy."

Till Vestring, NED, Inchcape
"Investors will expect purpose, strategy and performance to be integrated, thought through and well-articulated, and that when performance dips, management is able to explain why and how it will respond."

Charlie Wagstaff, Managing Director, Criticaleye
"There has to be substance behind any statements around purpose. If actions fail to line up with declarations, a company is going to experience some sort of backlash." Community articles are produced directly by and for the Criticaleye Community.

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