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Tackling Climate Change and Sustainability

Business should seize the opportunities that climate change offers rather than rely on governments to solve the issues. David Hobbs examines the quandaries companies face.

Featuring commentary from:

Karina Litvack, Non-executive Director, Eni Spa: "We, in the boardroom, have a tremendous opportunity to play a constructive role and shape the environment in which we operate."

Andrew Minton, Managing Director, Criticaleye: "Governments can lay down rules and investors can create pressure, but businesses need to take the lead."

Julie Baddeley, Senior Independent Director, Marshall Group: "All Board members need to recognise this is as mainstream as risk management, balance sheet testing, capital projects or strategy."

Jane Griffiths, Non-executive Director, Johnson Matthey: "If you worry about climate change in your personal life, you should worry about it at work. You’re not a different person when you get into the boardroom."

Michael Lewis, CEO, E.ON.UK:  "We are talking about transforming the status quo – changing how people live, work and move. To achieve that, industries and governments need to work together."
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David Hobbs
Senior Editor

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