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Equity Capital Markets Update

This report by London Stock Exchange reviews capital markets activity over the past twelve months, including the impact of political uncertainty and ESG initiatives.

Key points for 2019 include:
  • Compared to 2018, global IPO activity slowed in 2019 as trade tensions, concerns about economic growth, and political uncertainty dampened IPO sentiment
  • London Stock Exchange was the fourth largest exchange globally by proceeds and almost 3 times more than the next largest European exchange (Frankfurt)
  • Since 2017, there has been a marked increase in the number of cross-border IPOs globally
  • In 2019, AIM continued to drive growth market capital raising in Europe, accounting for 60 percent of all IPO and FO capital raised and 2.9x more than the next European Growth Market (First North). In total, there were 362 deals, raising £574m through IPOs and £3.8bn in FOs

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Charlie Walker
Head of Equity Primary Markets
London Stock Exchange

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