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This research by Accenture looks at how safety and trust can help financial services thrive even during disruption and transformational change. It reveals that FS firms are rising to the challenge by embracing change as a core capability, and true agility as a strategic priority.

Key points include: 
  • New regulations, heightened customer expectations, disruptive competitors, cost pressures, and mergers and divestments are rapidly reshaping the global FS landscape. At the same time, digital technologies are changing both what it means to be a bank or insurer and the work employees do
  • 76 percent of FS executives said employees’ inability to adapt to change was one of the biggest barriers to their ability to drive through change and 74 percent said fear of change because of a poor track record was one of their greatest obstacles
  • Evidence shows that change leaders - those banks and insurers that are delivering change faster and with better results - are doing this with higher trust and with a more human-centred approach

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