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Tech Vision 2020

The theme of Accenture's Technology Vision this year, We, the Post-Digital People, describes what is happening now and outlines new ways for enterprises to build a better, human-centered future. Technology is the catalyst to steer the realignment and companies that take the lead with a shared-success mindset will create new opportunities for growth in a way that benefits all.

Key tech trends for 2020: 

1) The I in Experience: Helping people choose their own adventure – Redesign digital experiences to turn passive audiences into active participants by transforming one-way experiences into true collaborations

2) AI and Me: Reimagine the business through human and AI collaboration – Take a new approach that uses artificial intelligence to bring out the full power of people

3) The Dilemma of Smart Things: Overcome the 'beta burden' – Address the new reality of product ownership in the era of 'forever beta'

4) Robots in the Wild: Growing the enterprise’s reach and responsibility – Build new models of interaction and impact as robotics move beyond the walls of the enterprise

5) Innovation DNA: Create an engine for continuous innovation – Tap into the unprecedented scale of disruptive technology available today

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