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Retaining Perspective as a CEO

Pressure from internal and external stakeholders means a CEO can be pulled in many directions. Criticaleye looks at how leaders can keep their eye on the prize.

Featuring commentary from:
Ruby McGregor-Smith, Senior Advisor, Mace Group: One of the challenges you have is that you have an investor-base that is going to be more short term than you would want them to be.
Mark Bartlett, CEO, Strix: We constantly do things to encourage greater insights into the Plc Board, so we’ll invite members from the management team or the company to come and present on a particular part of the business.

Mark Silver, Chair, Cordic: When things are going well you can afford to be strategic, but as soon as things get a bit tough you are expected to be much more operational.

Jerzy Nagorski, Relationship Manager, Criticaleye: A CEO needs confidence in their top team to deliver those results, so they can then have the freedom to step back, engage with stakeholders and take a strategic view.
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