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Building the Intelligent Enterprise

Companies should consider more than just the urgent needs of the now – they should accelerate the build of an intelligent enterprise to outmanoeuvre uncertainty in the new normal or, more accurately, the never normal.
This report by Accenture sets out the three foundational elements of an intelligent enterprise. 
1) Enterprise agility and resilience - Create an environment where people feel safe, connected, and seen. 
Only 39 percent strongly agree that their employer has communicated a clear plan of action in response to COVID-19. 
2) Rethink end-to-end value chains - Evaluate your partners and lean into your ecosystem for rapid insights and innovation. 79 percent of business leaders agree that current business models will be unrecognisable in the next 5 years and 94 percent of Fortune 1000 companies experienced supply chain disruptions - ecosystems will be the main change agent. 
3) Reimagine the ways we work and partner - Enhance your teams with greater human + machine partnerships. In the now, leverage AI and automation to help manage unexpected volume increases and stress across the business. Then find ways to scale this for the future.

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