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Rethinking Our Broken Relationship with Nature

The global pandemic has thrust the illegal wildlife trade into the spotlight. While the trafficking of pangolins and rhino horns may seem remote from most businesses, there are potential links to these crimes via our distribution systems and financial networks, Criticaleye reports.
Here, we explore the issue and ask how today’s business leaders can influence policy, drive change and play their part in mending our broken relationship with nature. 
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We need a seismic shift in the way we treat our natural resources. Creating laws on ecocide and incorporating planetary health into national and international budgets would be that seismic shift.
We must also disrupt the criminal networks that supply IWT... The same criminals are often involved in human trafficking, narcotics and even terrorism.
As the pandemic has limited air travel, we expect to see IWT shift more to online shopping, and so it is important we reach out to that sector as well.
Transparency is increasing and businesses must recognise that how they impact nature affects trust, their brand and reputation.
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Emma Carroll
Managing Editor

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