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Reskilling our way back into work

Over the last few months, economies and societies worldwide have changed in ways that none of us could have foreseen. Here in the UK, the outlook for 2020 swiftly moved from one of relative economic prosperity and growth to teetering on the precipice of the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression of the 1920s. 
This report by City & Guilds Group and Emsi looks at the impact on skills and employment in a COVID-19 world.
The diagnosis: 
  • Unemployment is continuing to rise across industries and geographies and is disproportionately affecting certain groups.
  • Training and upskilling provides a lifeline back into employment.
  • Lower-skilled and lower-waged people will be most badly impacted by COVID-19.
  • Digital skills development, and flexible, accessible learning models must be prioritised.
  • Adult education is poorly regarded and self-funding is often a stumbling block. 
The cure: 
  • Target government funding into preemployment programmes to help stave off a lost generation of workers.
  • Push digital transformation by encouraging employers and education providers to work together to maintain the widespread adoption of online learning and enhance digital funding.
  • Use Government policy and communication levers to encourage collaboration with employers and learning providers to create ‘lifelong learning and employment hubs’ and promote recruitment into growth sectors.

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