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Care To Do Better

In a world turned upside down, leaders are being tested in real-time to keep their businesses viable while navigating an unimaginable social and economic crisis. At the heart of many conversations is the question: How can we take care of our people? Organisations that answer the call to leave their people better off will win in the market of the future. 
This report by Accenture explains how.
  • First things first, build trust: How is your organisation responding to meet individual and community needs during this pandemic? Roughly 1 in 2 workers agree that the ethical, sustainable and moral values that a company holds will become more important to them after the pandemic passes
  • Secondly, elevate people to lift your business to be "Net Better Off" by meeting six fundamental human needs through work: financial, emotional & mental, relational, physical, purposeful and employable
  • Finally, adopt the modern HR mindset: 1) a new ethos of empathy; 2) a focus on new skills and roles, and 3) a new boundaryless collaboration approach.

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