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Reimagining the Employee Experience Through the Operating Model

Employee expectations about how they work have changed. As companies adapt to the massive disruption of COVID-19, they must move quickly to redefine workforce strategies, re-engage employees, and reimagine the employee experience (EX).

Accenture tell us how to put the EX in your operating model:

1) Co-create the experience - Customers are regularly engaged to enrich or redefine their desired experiences. Companies must do the same with employees. 

2) Reimagine the model -  To truly bring the operating model to life, single owners must be established and made accountable for all of the people, processes, experiences, and tools delivered by multi-disciplinary teams to achieve the desired outcomes. 

3) Empower humans + machines - 76 percent of business leaders agree that current models will be unrecognisable in the next five years. Ecosystems will be the main change agent and through a curated network of strategic partners, adaptive or liquid talent pool, this evolution can be accelerated and unlock new sources of value through innovation. 

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Kent McMillan
Managing Director, Organisation Strategy

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