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Digital Readiness and COVID-19: Assessing the Impact

From the start digital capabilities such as cloud AI automation and agile methodologies held transformative potential. Some companies quickly embraced the promise and raced ahead towards digital transformation while other exercised caution, taking a wait and see approach. As technologies matured, the majority fell somewhere in the middle, neither fully embracing nor completely dismissing the changes digital technologies were ushering in.
However, with COVID-19 the digital transformation journey accelerated at a stroke.
To understand the impact of digital readiness and transformation against this backdrop, TCS surveyed nearly 300 senior executives. 
The four key areas this survey asks are:
- How is the pandemic impacting their business and when do they foresee economic conditions returning to pre-pandemic levels
- What are the main changes they anticipate in their business and industry?
- What are the most important and most difficult actions they have taken or are planning to take?
- What digital capabilities do they have today or are developing or planning to develop during the pandemic?

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