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Who We Are Is How We'll Grow

2020 has been an extraordinary year for both people and business. This report from Accenture looks at how the UK needs to work together and recognise inclusivity and diversity as powerful tools of economic rebirth. Back to normal isn't an option. We must come back stronger and fairer. Here's how we'll get there: 

1. Inclusive decision-making: A key method to counteract unconscious bias in decision-making is to slow down, and to objectively question assumptions or to ask a neutral third party to review the decisions made. 

2. Inclusive work deisgn: Companies should reimagine job roles for a more diverse workforce. This includes rejecting out-dated assumptions of what it takes to perform a specific task or role. Instead the focus should be on identifying and building specific skills to maximise the potential of individuals. 

3. Inclusive workplaces: Creating a working environment which is both physically (accessible by all) and emotionally (where people from all backgrounds feel they belong) inclusive is vital in helping diverse groups to thrive and to unlocking people’s full potential.

4. Inclusive restructuring and talent strategies: 57 percent of leaders in our study told us they ‘celebrate diversity’ and at the same time 71 percent said they expect employees to conform to the company culture. Yet if individuals are pressured, consciously or unconsciously, to conform and ‘fit in’, then they won’t feel included, they won’t thrive, and they won’t stay. 

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Barbara Harvey
Managing Director - Accenture Research and UK Mental Health Sponsor

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