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New Skilling for Growth

Sometimes the cause of disruption also contains the seeds of its solution. This is the case today as companies wrestle with the implications of new, intelligent technologies – artificial intelligence, machine learning, automation, and more – on their people and their talent strategy.

How can people keep up when the business and technology landscape is changing so rapidly? Accenture tell us in this research.

Key points include:

From incrementalism to innovation: Adopting a zero-based mindset, leading companies can take a clean-sheet approach to redesigning the learning organisation with clear objectives in mind – for example, reducing time to implementation and improving speed to competency.

From cost centre to competitive advantage: Research has found that high-growth companies are over three times more likely to invest in creating a talent-rich business – building competitive advantage through flexible, augmented and adaptive workforces. Learning is no longer simply a sunk cost. Now, it’s a path to competitive differentiation.

From LPs to Spotify: Consider people who grew up listening to music on LPs or CDs, but who can now stream music using a service that monitors their preferences and then predicts additional music likely to match those preferences. In much the same way, high-growth companies will reinvent themselves to deliver more personalised employee learning experiences based on roles, job profiles and competency-based assessments.

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