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Organisational Agility at Scale

Digital-first players are now successfully challenging established organisations, disrupting industries from the inside and at speed. Many organisations understand this urgency and are investing in their own digital transformations. The key question is how to translate those investments into the right business outcomes.
This global survey, by Workday, examines how organisational agility is key to driving digital growth.

Organisational agility is defined as a set of capabilities that are critical to reacting quickly and effectively to opportunities created by new digital technologies and evolving customer behaviors. Digital growth is coming but progress is slow. Read the full report to see where you and your company benchmark. 

Key takeaways include:
  • More than half of surveyed organisations are confident that, in the next three years, at least 50 percent of their revenue will come from digital streams. But progress in enabling that revenue is slow: less than one-third of respondents report significant progress to date in building revenue streams from digital products and services
  • Only a relative few "leaders" (15 percent of the survey sample) have been able to unlock organisational agility fully.
  • Leaders are 10 times more likely than “laggards” (representing 55 percent of the sample) to react to shifts in the market with agility and speed. Consequently, they are twice as likely as laggards to derive a significant share of their revenues from new digital propositions.

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