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Rethinking work after COVID-19 : Building a Sustainable Workforce

The pandemic led to hundreds of thousands of workers transferring from office to remote working almost overnight.
Organisations now find themselves at a crossroads. In the short term, government restrictions will see many continue to work remotely, but in the long term it’s highly unlikely we will go back to using offices in the same way that we did before COVID-19. A recent Gartner report found that 82 percent of business leaders are planning to allow employees to work remotely 'some of the time'.

Employees are ready to embrace the benefits of remote and homeworking, and they’re keen to use flexible, hybrid working models. This transformation can only be made possible through digitisation, driven by a refreshed strategic vision and powered by the relevant technology.

This Capita white paper explores:
  • Why organisations should take this opportunity to transform into sustainable workplaces and create a more productive, resilient working environment
  • How business leaders can foster new approaches to work that are forward looking and adaptable, and meet their workforces’ needs
  • With the appropriate technology, how you can can empower employees to thrive in the sustainable workplace of the future.

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