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CFO Research Results 2021

This Research, conducted at our CFO Retreat, provides a fascinating insight into the challenges leaders continue to face as a result of the pandemic and the opportunities that may lie ahead over the next 12 months.

Key findings from Criticaleye's CFO Research:
  • Cost reduction and organisational design have moved up the priority list 
  • 67% of finance leaders feel isolated in their role
  • 80% say it will take a year of more for revenues to recover
  • Shareholders and investors are the CFO’s most challenging stakeholder
  • 74% of CFOs believe the Chair provides effective support, compared to just 60% of CEOs
  • CFOs are less confident than CEOs in the senior team’s ability to navigate strategic uncertainty
Click here for the Criticaleye podcast. In episode one of our Leadership with New Horizons series, Criticaleye CEO Matthew Blagg and Director of Content Marc Barber cover key themes for leaders and senior executives in 2021.

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