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Honing Your Digital Edge

Almost overnight, organisations worldwide had to move the majority of their workforces and operations off-site due to the pandemic. This feat would not have been possible without digital technology. Today, this move is no longer an aspiration. Being digital has become an imperative for survival. In this report, Accenture give us a framework for becoming digitally fluent. 
Digital fluency is a framework measured by your digital workforce’s technology quotient (TQ) + digital operations + digital foundations + digital leadership and culture:
  • Digital Foundations: Company provides the most up-to-date technologies and digital architecture
  • Digital Operations: The use of information and digital technologies transforms the way people work
  • Digital Leadership & Culture: Collaborative leadership behaviours that encourage knowledge and sharing, learning and risk-taking
  • Digital Workforce TQ: Workforce enthusiasm + skills + value across digital technologies
Digitally fluent companies are 2.7x more likely to have experienced high revenue growth (over 20 percent) over the past three years. They are also 5.4x more likely to still be projecting high revenue growth (over 20 percent) in the next three years. 
Digitally fluent organisations are also winning their customers and workers, and they are leaders in innovation and operational efficiency:
  • 69 percent are considered a great place to work by their workers
  • 68 percent lead their peers in customer satisfaction
  • 62 percent lead their peers in innovation
  • 61 percent lead their peers in operational efficiency

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